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We've all heard about so-called "Superfoods" and how good they are for us...but if the idea of one more broiled salmon and steamed broccoli dinner drives you batty, come see what I'm cookin'!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What you'll find here...

Beans, blueberries, broccoli and oats. Oranges, pumpkin, salmon and soy. I'm sure you know these items are super healthy and important for maintaining good health. But do you also know that they can all be delicious? Even the beans?! Well, they can and that's what I'll be doing here. I'm going to show you delicious ways to get your nutrients, without getting bored. Along with the above-listed items, I'll also include spinach (without E-Coli!), tea, tomatoes, walnuts and yogurt in my list of "superfoods."

I also understand that these are not the only high-nutrient items out there. In order to make the dishes highlighted here as exciting as possible, I'll also include other "superfoods" that didn't happen to make WebMD's list. Maitake mushrooms, anyone?

As a musician, I understand the value of the request. A request for a good song can lead to a brainstorm (if we don't know it) or a chain reaction of other requests from the crowd or even the band. If you know of a nutritious item for which you need a recipe, just ask! I'd be happy to offer my ideas.

The whole point? Food may be fuel, but it also has to be fun. If I could only get broccoli the way my mom makes it, I'd be missing out on some serious nutrition!

So, on that note...let's eat!


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