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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Cat Came Back! With Tomatoes!

So, after a long hiatus of cooking, studying and eating my fill of this year's best produce...I'm back!

I am now a certified Nutrition/Wellness Consultant and Personal Trainer! In order to prepare for my new work-life, I will continue to contribute information and deliciousness for your reference.

Unfortunately, I spent my favorite food season studying and not blogging about the Spring's nutritional bounty! Green garlic, ramps, morel mushrooms and all the other beautiful fruits (and veggies!) of Spring played a huge part in my diet...but now it's time for SUMMER.

Welcome to the season of Heirloom Tomatoes, bright stone fruits like Blenhiem Apricots, peaches and plums...yums. For these tomatoes, the best way to take advantage of their betacarotene and vitamin content is simple and raw. A salad of fragrant tomatoes with fresh herbs (I love basil, chervil and chive), a little sea salt (grey celtic sea salt is the best!) and a drizzle of a rich, green olive oil is a sweet, refreshing introduction to the season of heat.

If you prefer to glean the lycopene these voluptuous fruits have to offer, cook them down into a soup, adorned with a bit of olive oil. I have mentioned "My Favorite's Favorite," a spicy red soup of fire roasted tomatoes and red peppers, spiked with chipotle peppers. Well, in the summer, I like to twist it a little. This time, MY favorite tomato soup is Curried Pinapple Soup! What? Yes. Pineapple.

One of my favorite heirloom tomatoes is called "Pineapple" due to it's golden hue. It's got reddish shoulders and "highlights" and a sweetness that lends itself beautifully to the subtleties of curry spices. How do I do it?

Roast your tomatoes over an open flame or in the oven. Toast your prefered curry seasonings in the pot before adding onions, garlic and your tomatoes. When the onions are translucent, add enough veggie stock to cover the contents of your pot. After this comes to a boil, blend it together with an immersion blender (fewer dishes to clean!), food processor or counter-top blender. You can keep it chunky (barely blending), make it thick (longer blending) or make it smooth and creamy (pass it through a seive after blending). Serve this with chutney-topped crostini and a sage-infused rose the sunset...mmmm.

Every heirloom tomato has its own character. Green zebras are tart, tangy and make fabulous fried green tomatoes. Black brandywines are sweet and bold with a beautiful, bright green flesh surrounding the seeds. These seeds have been passed down for years. When you cut into these Summer beauties, save the seeds in the refrigerator. When next Spring rolls around, plant them and save some money when Summer arrives!

Have a yummy Summer!


Blogger Aria said...

hi cat, thought i'd stop by and say hi after our chat at surla

mmmmmmn~ heirlooms are the best! what a clever and delicious idea to bake one curry style, delish!

i should have the halibut and coconut milk recipe posted some time next week over at hopefully it will come out as good as i envisioned :)

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